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Oct 27 2014

Paper planes by Allayne Webster

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Omnibus Books, 2014. ISBN 978174299699
(Age 11-13) Recommended.
'If they bomb us while we're asleep,
Will we wake up dead?'
Paper planes is a fiction chapter book. It is about a boy named Niko, his family and his best friend Nedim and how bombs are raining down on them constantly. They are quickly running out of food and water, so Niko and his older brother and sister have to be sent away without their parents, and may not ever return.
Niko is the main character who goes through many difficulties, such as when some boys come to the front door with a gun and demand food from Niko and Nedim. One of the boys accidently fires the gun and hits his brother on the leg, so Niko and Nedim have to wheelbarrow the injured boy to the hospital.
My favourite part of the book was when Niko and his brother and sister have to go through a long, dark tunnel and Niko has to hide in a weapons box past many army officers who nearly discover him inside. Luckily Niko's sister and her friends make a diversion and they escape.
I really enjoyed Paper planes because it was full of mystery, adventure and fear. What I liked most was that it was as if I was looking through Niko's eyes and I think that this is a great way to engage the reader. I recommend this book for 11-13 year olds.
Amelie Meinel (Student, Year 6)

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