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Oct 24 2014

Starring Jules (Super-secret spy girl) by Beth Ain

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Allen & Unwin, 2014. ISBN 9781743318850
(Age: Year 6-7) Second grade has ended, which means it's time for Jules Bloom, beginner actress to film her first movie, The Spy in the Attic. Unfortunately, Charlotte her ex best friend has Jules worrying about impressing her teen idol, Emma Saxony. Her new best friend, Elinor has gone back to her home country England for a visit and they can only keep in touch by email.
Sadly Jules has been forced to take a road trip to Montreal without Elinor and she might not have the courage to go down the mud slide in the movie's climax.
Luckily Elinor has been sending her secret spy missions to keep her busy and with Jules accomplishing them left, right and centre she was getting back the confidence to complete the movie. She was so glad to have Elinor on her email side all through the summer.
I really enjoyed this book, especially Take 6 when it looked as if Jules would have a lonely birthday until her Grandma Gilda turns up and everyone has fun making their own waffles and splattering each other with batter.
I liked the dual personality of Jules - actress and secret spy.
It was a good part when her teen idol Emma shows her true colours.
I would recommend this book to Years 6 & 7.
Gabrielle Priddle (Student, Year 6)

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