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Oct 22 2014

The Secret Abyss by Darrell Pitt

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A Jack Mason Adventure Book 2. Text, 2014. ISBN 9781922147967
Recommended for readers from 11 years of age. Jack Mason, Scarlet and Mr Doyle are back for their second mysterious adventure. This time they are on the trail of a prison escapee, the world's most evil killer, the Chameleon. In a world filled with huge Metrotowers, giant metropolis', polluted cities and a sky teeming with airships, steam cars and giant monuments, the three adventures follow the villain across the Atlantic and set out to thwart the plot to kill the President of the United States. Charles Ashgrove the evil rich mastermind wants to incite a civil war and has a mysterious weapon The Whip of Fire ready to wreak havoc.
Jack's physical skills, insight and ability to think quickly are extremely useful in the variety of situations, he unpicks the warehouse locks just in time for them to escape and he rescues the President from an arrow attack. Scarlet is a willing accomplice, a modern woman capable of meeting any challenge. Mr. Doyle's detective skills also help save the day, he adds light to the story with his never-ending supply of cheese in his pockets and his humorous reminders about past cases solved by using three crazy items.
Darrell Pitt's second novel is another exciting, fast-paced adventure filled with heroes and villains, steam-driven transport, inventors and inventions, near drownings, rescues and cataclysmic events. Will the introduction of electricity change the course of history?
Rhyllis Bignell

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