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Sep 26 2014

Kitten Kaboodle mission two: The lightning opal by Eileen O'Hely

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Kitten Kaboodle series. Ill. by Heath McKenzie. Walker Books Australia, 2014. ISBN 9781921529948.
Recommended for readers from 8-10 years. Cats. Dogs. Opals. Secret Agents.
Kitten Kaboodle, the feisty top agent for Cat - the Clandestine Activity Taskforce returns for his second mission in The lightning opal. His perilous mission takes him to Lightning Ridge where he fights the evil Disaster Organisation Group - DOG, canines in their quest to bring back to life the legendary fierce, opalised dinosaur skeleton. This secret agent has a communication unit in his scratching post and a multifunctional collar that demobilizes dogs and modulates his voice.
The story is filled with action and adventure, after the CAT Headquarters self destructs, Kitten Kaboodle, Delilah and McGeek set off to find the opal. Their journey involves catching a train, hiding in a cargo plane filled with dog food, toys and shampoo and hitching rides on emus.
Eileen O'Hely uses an abundance of acronyms and a wealth of comic feline and canine references to engage the reader. Heath McKenzie's action-packed cartoon sketches add to the drama and excitement of Kitten Kaboodle's adventure.
Rhyllis Bignell

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