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Sep 25 2014

All my kisses by Kerry Brown

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Ill. by Jedda Robaard. ABC Books/ HarperCollins, 2014. ISBN 9780733330711
(Age: Pre-School) Abby the piglet was very kissable. Every night as she snuggled into bed she would be kissed once on the end of her nose, twice on her forehead and countless times on the bottom of her feet. And Abby likes those kisses so much she keeps each of them in a special bucket to savour later, carrying them with her wherever she went. But whenever she was asked for one, she would never share. No matter who asked her, she kept her kisses to herself. They were too special, too precious, too fragile to share. But something starts to happen to those kisses, particularly the ones in the bottom of the bucket that are buried and cannot be seen. In fact, they have turned into bleak, grey pebbles - ugly things that Abby throws away into the shadows...
This is a lovely story about how being selfish, even with something that was given just to us, cannot necessarily make us as happy as we would think and that sometimes giving it away can have unconsidered consequences. It's about giving love as well as receiving it, and how giving makes the receiving so much richer.
Accompanied by enchanting illustrations in soft colours which capture Abby's personality and emotions perfectly, this is a lovely tale about bedtime routines, sharing and makings friends that should be high on your recommendations to your parents of preschoolers.
Barbara Braxton

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