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Sep 23 2014

Caesar the war dog: Operation pink elephant by Stephen Dando-Collins

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Random House, 2014. ISBN 9780857981684 (pbk)
(Age: Middle primary) Well recommended. An exciting and realistic adventure story with a chocolate Labrador called Caesar, his handler Ben and a group of Australian Special Forces men on a mission to Tanzania to catch the notorious Zuba, who is poaching and killing elephants for their tusks and selling them to the Chinese. This is a captivating story with all the elements of a thrilling chase.  The journey to Africa is graphically detailed with Ben and Caesar having to jump from the helicopter and land in the sea! It's a very dangerous mission, extremely well described and full of action and heroism. Ben's good mate Lucky has been captured by Zuba and the Special Force has come to free him and the many children he kidnaps and forces into his service
The fast moving pace captures the real feeling of the horror and fear the kidnapped children feel. Caesar's scent helps free the captives and the ivory before it leaves the African docks. Operation Pink Elephant is successful.
There is a list of Military terms and a Fact File which is very informative.
Sue Nosworthy

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