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Sep 16 2014

Bridie's boots by Phil Cummings

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Ill. by Sara Acton. Working Title Press, 2014. ISBN 9781921504723.
(Age: 4-8) Highly recommended. Weather. Age. Compassion. Bridie adores her red boots and during the winter she turns five they do all sorts of things together, having many adventures, sloshing through puddles, braving storms and crossing wild rivers.
Putting them away when winter finishes, she goes on with her life but when winter comes around again, she takes them out ready to renew their friendship, but they are too small.
Bridie and Mum decide to let someone else share her adventures with her boots.
This is a deceptively straightforward story but full of wonderful things which young children will notice and want to talk about: changing shape and size, growing older, weather and the change of seasons, charity shops and helping those who are less advantaged and of course, having adventures.
Bridie is a fun loving, adventurous child who tries many different things with her new boots, and all is reflected in the stunning illustrations, full of verve and energy.
The illustrations readily capture Bridie prancing around with her boots, or in a small tissue paper boat, sailing on top of high waves, or the home of the new owner across the other side of the world. The ebullient illustrations suit the child admirably. Sara Acton has recently illustrated The unexpected crocodile, and Daisy and the puppy, both of which are among my favourites, and Phil Cumming's work includes the beautiful, Anzac biscuits. I like the end papers with their small illustrations, and the binding reflecting an older style of book, which along with the design of the book, makes it a pleasure to hold and read.
Fran Knight

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