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Sep 16 2014

The Rapunzel dilemma by Jennifer Kloester

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Penguin, 2014. ISBN 9780143571087
Recommended for ages 12+ (middle school). Lily de Tourney lives a charmed and affluent life despite the death of her mother. So when she's offered a place in the London Drama Academy, Lily's dream school, she becomes surprised when nothing goes her way. Lily has her own skeletons in her closet and when her so-called friends make life difficult for her, she discovers a secret refuge in one of the Academy's towers. But not everything can keep her safe and when her place in the Academy is threatened, Lily must do whatever it takes to pursue her dream and maybe, get the guy in the end.
Jennifer Kloester's The Rapunzel dilemma is a classic tale of mystery and romance packaged into one enjoyable book. The plot thickens as the story continues on, which makes the novel such a fun read. The writing is not too complex and easy to read which really defines it as a fresh weekend read. But what really took me by surprise was the plot twist! No one could have expected it to take place which just makes this book better!
As each page was turned, Kloester keeps us wanting more of the hush-hush romance as she masterfully weaves an intricate relationship that defies all odds. The novel surprised me. I am not one to read books based on drama academies but I am glad that I have read this novel and generally liked it. Books of the likes of this story embrace the Anna and the French kiss series by Stephanie Perkins and A little something different written by Sandy Hall.
Samantha May (Student)

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