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Sep 09 2014

Stuff happens series by various authors

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Penguin Australia, 2014.
Michael by Phillip Gwynne. ISBN 9780143308102
Sean by Will Kostakis. ISBN 9780143308119
Highly recommended for boys from 7-11. Stuff happens is an exciting new series written specifically for boys aged from seven to eleven, that explores everyday life, family relationships, mates, school problems and fitting in. Written by popular authors such as Phillip Gwynne and Will Kostakis, these novels are great additions for school libraries and for engaging reluctant boy readers. They are set in the fictional Monvale Primary School and each story focusses on a main character who has a struggle or challenge to overcome. Each first person narrative is simply written in an empathetic voice with real feelings explored and emotions displayed.
In Sean, Sean Summers has relocated from Bunbury, Western Australia, leaving behind his best friends Eddie and Christian and his familiar way of life. The first day at Monvale Primary School is difficult, everything is different, his new teacher is strict, he doesn't want to join with the soccer game at recess and he's forgotten his hat. In the No Hat, No Play area, he meets Karlie and cartoonist Angelo and life at school begins to change. He confronts his classmate about copying his maths, has his mobile phone confiscated and works hard to prove he's a good friend and classmate.
In Michael, Michael is a champion swimmer, his whole life revolves around practices and competitions. His father has given up his job as a sanitary inspector to support Michael and transport him to the pool. Dad now works from home selling sports memorabilia on ebay. On the drive to the Aquatic Centre, Michael enviously watches Skate Dude fly down the steep hill on a skateboard with absolute freedom and skill. Will the choices the young swimmer makes affect his swimming?
Rhyllis Bignell

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