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Sep 02 2014

Spud & Charli by Samantha Wheeler

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UQP, 2014. ISBN 9780702250187.
(Age: 7-9) Themes: Horses, Horse riding, Bats, Hendra Virus, Imagination. Thanks to Uncle Ralph's surprise birthday money, Charli Priestly's dreams are about to come true, a week at riding camp, a week to learn all the skills needed to win the gymkhana, a week of fun and adventure. Unfortunately for wildly imaginative Charli there are several major obstacles in the way. Her show-off bunkmate Mikaela already an accomplished rider, picks Razz the beautiful palomino and she is left with Spud the huge retired racehorse. Charli is constantly worried, about the hundreds of bats flying around at night, the spread of the Hendra virus, spiders and getting injured.
When Charli overhears part of a conversation between the camp's owner and a neighbouring farmer her overactive imagination takes control. This leads to a disastrous set of events, she loses Spud and the gymkhana is cancelled. It is up to Charli to turn things around.
A junior novel for readers from 7-9 years who enjoy adventure stories.
Rhyllis Bignell

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