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Mar 17 2009

Snake and lizard by Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop

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Text Publishing,2009. ISBN 9781921351969
(Ages 7+) A group of short stories about the antics of friends, Snake and Lizard will be readily used in classrooms where friendship and getting along are under discussion. The two animals are often at odds but each learns the give and take of friendship as the stories develop.
When they first meet, both animals are trying to get a share of the sun. Snake has his tail across the path Lizard wishes to walk upon, and will not move. They argue for a time, revealing some of their personalities to the reader, and in the end compromise, sharing the area for both to keep warm. A smile and a thank you from Lizard is enough for the cooling to begin between them.
Delightful little bite sized stories with enough in them for a discussion to ensue will make these a happy addition to a classroom library. Cute illustrations and a good sized print, all bound together in a handsome book with folded end papers for use as bookmarks will ensure its use as a sound present for an early reader. Positive stories of friendship, told with brevity and humour are hard to find, but here is one to suit all needs.
Fran Knight

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