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Aug 27 2014

My Grumpy Day illustrated by Felicity Gardner

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Lothian Children's Books, 2014. ISBN 9780734415448.
(Ages 2 - 10) Recommended. 'Some mornings, Max wakes up happy. Some mornings, Max wakes up hungry. But this morning, Max woke up grumpy.' My Grumpy Day follows a young gorilla called Max as he contends with his day's adventures. Unfortunately on this day, Max wakes up with a horribly negative attitude and finds nothing enjoyable at all.
This lovely book follows a day in the life of Max the gorilla as he experiences a day that we have all been through, when our frame of mind seems to not change from the moment we get out on the wrong side of the bed. While My Grumpy Day makes us smile and at times giggle out loud it also manages to convey a very sweet message. In the end the comfort and love of the people we hold closest to our hearts can be all that we need on those confusing days.
My Grumpy Day is a beautiful picture book with simple and easy to understand text. It's a fun read for all and a message that can be repeated on days that follow in our own lives.
Steve Whitehead

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