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Aug 19 2014

Billy is a dragon series by Nick Falk

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Ill. by Tony Flowers. Random House Australia Children's, 2014.
Billy is a Dragon: Shadow Shifter. ISBN: ISBN 9780857983152.
Billy is a Dragon: Eaten Alive. ISBN: 9780857983176.
Billy is back with two more exciting adventures for newly independent readers. When Billy was bitten by a lizard at his local petshop something totally weird happened. Billy became a were-dragon! At times just a normal boy and at other times - look out! A real fire breathing dragon able to take on all comers.
Billy's third adventure, Shape Shifter, sees his annoying teenage sister kidnapped by werewolves. Their leader's evil plan is to seize Billy's powers but with the help of his assorted, somewhat odd, were-friends - Benny the were-hamster, a couple of were-chickens - and of course, his best friend, Jeannie - Billy is ready to rescue Becky. He knows he can trounce that arch-enemy, Scratchhook, the Shadow Shifter and makes no apologies for singed fur.
In the fourth exciting story, Uncle Chunk comes to visit- which is really strange because Billy's family has not seen him for years. So why is he suddenly reappearing and why is that he seems to know all about Billy's secret? To add to all this, the nasty Miss Hicks (yet another werewolf) is back at school, Scratchhook is still pursuing Billy and it's getting more and more difficult to know exactly who to trust. Billy discovers that his family are just as much his real support as his were-friends and when Dad refuses to be bullied by Uncle Chunk any longer and Billy's dragonish secret is revealed to his parents, he knows that he can do anything.
There is certainly a very obvious talking point in these about not judging by looks alone, as well as that our parents love us even if we are were-dragons, which teachers could explore after a read-aloud.
Lots of illustrations and funky fonts especially for onomatopoeia, good sized text and plenty of action, these are two more great stories for both boys and girls from about 6 and up to add to your shelves.
Visit the author and illustrator webpages and read excerpts here at Random House.
Sue Warren

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