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Aug 12 2014

The last thirteen series by James Phelan

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Scholastic, 2014. 
The last thirteen: 6. ISBN 9781742831916.
The last thirteen: 5. ISBN 9781742831923.
(Age: 10+)The countdown is on with these next installments of James Phelan's The Last Thirteen series. These stories deliver more fast paced, almost frenetic action at times, with an array of high-tech tools, devious enemies, evil plots and more globe-crossing adventures for Sam. His quest for the Dreamers and the Gears intensifies as reality becomes blurred in the battle for the Dreamscape.
This adventure, 6 involves the Russian Dreamer Nikah and includes settings in Moscow and Siberia as they fight with the enemy who knows their every move. New villains, intense battles and the loyalty of friends is questioned, as Sam seeks to find the Gears.
In 5 Sam travels to Japan with Tobias to meet the next Dreamer, a professional gamer who is a tournament player. They combine their skills to avoid the ever present enemy Solaris. Unfortunately, Alex and Shiva are captives in New York with wrist bombs set to detonate. As always, Sam and his friends are required to use their cunning, ingenuity and scientific knowledge in the fight.
James Phelan continues to keep the quest alive and the fans happy, as they wait for the final four novels to be released.
For readers 10+
Rhyllis Bignell

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