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Mar 07 2009

The big big book of Gibblewort the Goblin by Victor Kelleher

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Random House Australia, 2008 ISBN 9781741663150
(Ages 8+) Kelleher has now written seven of these short books for younger readers, of the adventures of a Goblin called Gibblewort. Each adventure shows his worst characteristics, and each lands him in some very hot water as he tries to lie or cheat his way out of a situation. Number one, Goblin in the bush tells of his efforts to get to Australia. Once he gets here, the illustrator and author have a great time introducing their character to the range of animals, birds and reptiles resident in the bush. The illustrations will have readers in stitches as Gibblewort finds the Australian wildlife to his chagrin. And so on they go, telling neat little stories about Gibblewort, ending with number seven, where he tries his hardest to get sent back to Ireland, only to find himself back on Australian shores. Great fun and most appealing to younger readers.
Fran Knight

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