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Jul 15 2014

The Bow by Catherine Mayo

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Walker Books, 2014. ISBN: 9781925081015.
(Age: Year 8+) Recommended. Themes: Ancient Greece; Historical Epic drama; Adventure. Catherine Mayo has allied Ancient Greece with its Gods and heroes to a story of conflict, family honour and drama that is compelling even for readers that know nothing of the Ancient Greek realm. The main character Odysseus faces many challenges as he attempts to recover the family wealth from under the nose of a powerful potential thief and then protect it in order to return it to his father, Laertes the King of Ithaka. The young man proves to be a worthy and honourable son, and his coming to maturity in this adventure is epic.
Young readers who have discovered the ancient world from reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson adventures, and those who have loved the John Flanagan Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband series will equally enjoy this story. The quest and adventure, combined with the physical combat required in the face of threats to life and friends makes this an exciting read. (And there is even a little romance included for female readers!)
(Note: Includes violence and references to attempted rape, and female servants sexually abused, but in the context of the historical Ancient world.)
Carolyn Hull

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