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Mar 02 2009

Easy library displays to promote reading by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2009.
A little gem for those of us who, despite our best intentions, find putting together displays time consuming and difficult to get done amongst the myriad of tasks and responsibilities in the library.Once again the experience and skills of Fran Knight and Pat Pledger are brought together in this LinksPlus publication for the benefit of teacher librarians, school support officers, and library helpers. In particular this booklet would be of great use to new staff in school libraries and those people working in small libraries to use throughout the year.
The display ideas are based on a calendar of yearly events, some familiar such as ANZAC Day and Australia Day, as well as some not so familiar events including International Day of the Dog, World Press Freedom Day, Homeless Day and Banned Books Week! For each of the listed events there are ideas for activities and displays as well as related websites. The authors have then created lists of books which support that event. The lists are comprehensive and as such lists do, will also generate further interest and ideas. The booklet lends itself to having notes added. The list of banned books is fascinating but I leave that to the reader to explore! A section of general display ideas completes the booklet and includes some motivating ideas. This resource has to be followed by Easy Displays 2 as we will all want more!
Jane Toop

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