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Jul 04 2014

Big book of Aussie dinosaurs by Kel Richards

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Ill. by Glen Singleton. Scholastic, 2014. ISBN 9781742830568.
(Age: 4+) Picture book. Dinosaurs. A book about dinosaurs will always be popular and given the range of Australian dinosaurs, this book crowds in a great deal of information about them. Arranged in groups like biggest and smallest, slowest and fastest, oldest and youngest, these pages are interspersed with informative pages about what they ate, how they used their senses to survive, which ones hunted and which stayed in herds and so on. All interesting and factual. The last double page poses the question how we know about these creatures and talks about fossil evidence and paleantologists and their work. Another page gives information about the word extinct and what possibly happened to the dinosaurs.
A double page at the end of the book has an Aussie picture gallery of all of its dinosaurs with their correct name and its meaning, which avid fans out there will love.
The cutesy pictures in this book do little for me, as I would prefer pictures which actually show the dimensions and characteristics in a more realistic way, but that said, the information inside this colourful book is interesting and accurate and would be music to the ears of all those avid dinosaur readers and fact collectors in schools.
Fran Knight

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