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Jul 04 2014

Double Trouble series by various authors

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Ill. by Louis Shea. Scholastic Australia, 2014.
Dinosaur Danger by Sarah Fraser. ISBN 9781743623763.
Midnight Mischief by Fiona Regan. ISBN 9781743623770.
This fun series of beginning chapter books are suited to readers from 6 - 7 years. Identical seven-year old twins Tommy and Coop love to play practical jokes on their family, friends and classmates. In Dinosaur Danger their class is off to the museum with their teacher Mr Crotchet, who loves button, string and knot displays. Of course the twins have bought a Galloping Galoot noise maker from Joking Jo's shop. Mum and Dad are both pranked before the boys are dropped off at school. After a boring time at the museum, they slip away from the class to explore the closed dinosaur exhibit. Test riding the robotic dinosaurs and pranking their classmates is great fun.
Midnight Mischief written by Fiona Regan takes the twins off on a weekend school camp. They are under strict instructions not to play any pranks or they won't be allowed to watch their favourite Jed Michael's skateboarding show. Cathy their friend helps with a gross prank on the bus, Special Spew from the joke shop. After Bill the bus driver hoses out the mess with his Barf Buster, it is a soggy trip to camp. Whilst making all the beds as punishment the twins plan a ghostly night visit.
Louis Shea's cartoons add to the fun of these stories.
Rhyllis Bignell

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