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Jul 04 2014

Wombat jumped over the Moon illustrated by Lachlan Creagh

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Lothian Children's Books, 2014. ISBN 9780734415554.
(Age: Pre-school - Early years) This is the fourth book in Lachlan Creagh's Wombat series.
Wombat has spent a fun filled day in the bush sharing a picnic with his friends when, towards the end of the day, they decide to have a completion to work which of them will get the last piece of cake to eat. Wombat is concerned as he watches his friends successfully perform clever tricks, as he has no idea what he can do to impress them.
The story ends with wombat performing a trick that surprises his friends and wins the competition. He then demonstrate his true friendship by sharing the final piece of the cake with them all.
The simple and richly illustrated book finishes with an adaption of a familiar nursery rhyme that will delight pre-school and early years children.
Karen Mutton

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