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Jul 02 2014

Diary of a Track and Field Titan by Shamini Flint

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Allen & Unwin, 2014. ISBN: 9781743317297.
(Ages: 7 to 11) Highly recommended. Marcus Atkinson returns in another instalment of the Diary of a . . . series. Marcus knows the only things he is good at are maths and computer games, but his dad is convinced that there is a sport out there for Marcus, they just haven't found the right one yet. After trying soccer, cricket, rugby and taekwondo, his dad wants him to try track and field. Thinking this through, Marcus decides he has had a lot of practice running away from bullies, and he is good at throwing things (like rubbish and tantrums!), so maybe track and field won't be so bad after all. The usual hilarity ensues, with familiar themes and in-jokes sure to please fans of the series.
Shamini Flint uses the diary technique and numerous cartoon illustrations to encourage reluctant readers to continue. The sports theme always resonates with children, and whether they love sports or are more like Marcus himself, they will find it easy to identify with the characters and situations in this book. Not only will kids love reading about Marcus' misadventures, they will also learn a lot about sport! As with all the titles in the series, Diary of a Track and Field Titan is a light and entertaining read.
Donella Reed

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