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Jun 30 2014

Fast track by Julie Garwood

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Buchanan-Renard series, bk 12. Penguin, 2014. ISBN 9780143570998.
(Age: Adult) Romantic suspense. Sexual content. When her dying father reveals that her mother is still alive and living in Sydney with another family, Cordelia Kane is devastated and on the death of her father, decides to travel to Sydney to find out why her mother left her. She has always had a crush on Aiden Madison, even though he treats her like his little sister and when Aiden decides to accompany her to Sydney, sparks fly. From then on danger grips the two as the mystery surrounding her Mother's death brings unforeseen consequences and the romance between the two heats up.
When I read this I was unaware that it was the 12th book in Julie Garwood's Buchanan-Renard series. Undoubtedly if I was following the series, I would have been much more aware of the depth of the characters and interactions between the friends and family in the book. However there was enough back story to make it an entertaining stand-alone read.
I had previously read and enjoyed her historical romances but found Fast track to be a very light read with little in the way of real suspense and much more emphasis on the romance, which was very predictable.
I particularly enjoyed that Cordelia was portrayed as a very intelligent woman who was able to hold her own in the scientific field, even though she ended up holed up in Aidan's penthouse, being guarded from danger from that over-protective alpha male. The side story of the corrupt Congressman who wanted the Madison family to buy his land was interesting and there was plenty of hints about future stories especially featuring the wayward Madison brother.
This was a light, entertaining, if very predictable read for those who enjoy a steamy escapist romance.
Pat Pledger

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