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Jun 25 2014

Banana kick by Patrick Loughlin

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Random House, 2014. ISBN 9780857982667.
(Age: 9+) Rugby. Banana Kick has a great theme - be happy with who you are and don't try to change for other people. Our main character is Junior, a 10 year old Samoan boy who is built to play rugby (referred to as footy in the book). He is a member of West Hill Ravens and is teased by other teams for being so big. Junior can play rugby though and his skills have really improved his team's scores. When other players as well as the crowd start commenting more, Junior stops playing as well. It makes him feel sad and different. Is Junior's big family enough to make him feel good about himself or does Junior need more help?
Junior's team is mentored by Billy Slater - he plays for Queensland and Melbourne Storm in real life - and involving him in the story is a great touch to creating a story that will be enjoyed by reluctant readers.
Banana Kick is quick moving, full of rugby and great for boys aged 9+. They will enjoy the descriptive rugby games.
Kylie Kempster

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