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Jun 11 2014

Tales from the Half-Continent by D.M. Cornish

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Scholastic, 2014. ISBN: 9781742990255.
(Ages: 12-15) Recommended. Themes: Monsters, Fantasy, Body-snatching, Detectives, Mythical creatures, Criminal investigation.
In this novella, D. M. Cornish adds two more dark fantasy stories. These are separate from the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy introducing new characters. These books are mainly for the fans as prior knowledge of this world is assumed with the unique language, jobs and terminology are presented without a glossary.
In The Corser's Hinge, Bunting Faukes is a grave robber or corser and a wayfarer who has become destitute and has a debt to repay. Fortuitously, he mets Atticus Wells a mysterious sleuth who is on the case to find a missing young woman Viola Grey. The search by the sleuth and his team is hazardous and involves cult worshippers, travel across the continent, fights with monsters and battles in some of the darker landscapes of the Half-Continent. With much daring force they fight with the cult followers and the monster Shilemoth.
The second story The Fuller and the Bogle is an easier read and one which showcases life in this fantasy world. After her father's death, Virtue Bland is sent to work as a scullery and laundry maid in the house of her father's past employer. Hidden in her hatcarry is her pa's olfactologue that allows Virtue to see monsters. This story has all the elements readers expect of the author, adventure, fantasy, fighting monsters and the detailed daily life of the citizens of Brandenbrass.
Rhyllis Bignell

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