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Jun 04 2014

My Life . . . series by Tristan Bancks

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Random House Australia Children's, 2014.
My Life and Other Stuff I Made Up. ISBN: 9780857983190
My Life and Other Stuff that Went Wrong. ISBN: 9780857980373.
Highly recommended for readers 9 and up. When your readers have eaten up all the Andy Griffiths and Jeff Kinney laugh-out-louds, these are the next choice for them. With the same kind of hilarity, groan-making grossness, ridiculous situations and craziness, boys in particular will revel in these books from Tristan Bancks.
Tom Weekly is the anti-hero in question and whether he is mucking around with his best mate Jack, being victimised by his evil older sister Tanya, in trouble with his long-suffering mother or arranging a 'granny fight', Tom has the knack of getting himself in and out of tricky situations with the ease associated with most ten-twelve year old boys.
Has your nan ever wanted to climb Everest and enlisted your help in her training preparation? Are you a dog-kisser or a non-dog-kisser? Ever been singled out by a killer magpie? Tristan's love, as a kid, of the weird and wacky stories by Paul Jennings is evident in his snapshot short stories about Tom and his misadventures.
Written in a similar style to the Wimpy Kid books, with Gus Gordon's amusing drawings interspersed with the short stories, lists, jokes and more, these are engaging and easy to read for reluctant readers as well as being superb quick read alouds.
Encourage your readers to visit Tristan's website for not only more information about the author and his work but interesting interactive fun and handy hints on writing and life.
Sue Warren

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