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May 09 2014

The Floods: The Royal Family by Colin Thompson

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Random House, Australia, 2014. ISBN 9781742755328.
Is this the final book in The Floods series? As the 13th in the series The Royal Family seems to round off the story of Nerlin and Mordonna but as the Colin Thompson website suggests '..IT MAY WELL BE, THOUGH I WOULDN'T BET MONEY ON IT.'
In the usual chaos and amazingly outrageous and imaginative style of the previous books we are again drawn into the Royal house of Transylvania Waters where we find Nerlin, King of Wizards, wishing to retire from the stresses of Kingship and live out his days in the Enchanted Valley of the Impossible Waterfall raising chickens, ducks and quail. Though Mordonna is not keen to relinquish power, the vexed question of succession must be considered.
Unfortunately not one of their seven children are volunteering for the job, though Satanella decides to change back into a human having been a dog most of her life, and Betty, the youngest and most human like child has a secret desire to become Queen however Mordonna is adamant that she will not succeed.
In a convoluted story Gertrude, Nerlin's twin sister appears from the sewers much his horror when he finds out as he is forced to reveal a family secret that even Mordonna wasn't aware of and doesn't appear on the published family tree.
With Gertrude's help and the support of her siblings, Betty manipulates the situation and uses a bit of magic to achieve her aim while Nerlin enjoys a family reunion.
With the usual extensive referencing, explanations and author comments at the bottom of many pages, author generated illustrations and random additions at the end including Winchflat's Hats and an explanation of Ultimate Super Wizard Powers, the madness loved by all Floods Fans continues.
Sue Keane

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