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May 09 2014

Indonesia: the story of a nation by Adrian Osterley

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Trocadero Publishing, 2013. ISBN 9780864271433.
Indonesia: the story of a nation is part of the Asia-Pacific Relations series and its focus is the story of Indonesia as a nation from its earliest history through to its relationship with Australia today.
Each book has a modern layout with the text presented in manageable chunks accompanied by a range of photos, maps and tables that offer extra insight. A contents page and full index allow for easy location of information.
Even though there seems to be a demand by some to replace non-fiction titles with online resources only, such demands are ill-considered because they are ignoring the evidence that students, even those who are independent readers, prefer and need print resources when they wish to read deeply for meaning rather than just skimming a text as they do with online-based materials, and therefore we have an obligation to meet those needs. These series by this publisher are fulfilling this need with modern Australian Curriculum-related resources very well.
Barbara Braxton

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