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May 05 2014

Nymph by Tonya Alexandra

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The Love Chronicles, Book One. Walker Books, 2014. ISBN: 9781922077240.
Greek Mythology meets Teen Romance! This book creates a female-friendly romance to rival the Percy Jackson Series/Adventure phenomena that has captivated the youth market. This book too relies heavily on the Greek Gods and the Olympian drama of Greek mythology. For those, like me, that have only a cursory understanding of the specifics and characteristics of Greek mythology it is perhaps merely a 'fantasy' world, but by setting the majority of the book on a Greek Island, there is an inherent mortal-world 'fantasy' element too for Australian readers. The central character of this other-worldly narrative is a nymph who has not quite found her place in the heavens and has found the interests of Orion - the Hunter, to be not to her liking and is required (sent by Zeus) to earth to consider her options. The first human she meets is a teen Greek youth and he becomes her love interest. Her goddess-like qualities in Olympia makes her very desirable on earth, even if she was one of the least favoured in her own realm. Unfortunately the romance with a mortal is not permitted by Zeus, and definitely not appreciated by the spurned Orion. Their powers and influence see some major impediments to the romance between the beautiful Star Nymph and the mortal youth, but all this takes place within the dramatic setting of school, friendships and the teen realm of learning to fit in as the new kid in a close-knit community. This book requires a major suspension of disbelief, but it will be liked by young teen readers for its romance angst and tension, its insight into Greek Mythology and as a human coming of age drama.
Note: as Greek mythology or the realm of the gods is introduced as having limited moral boundaries, readers are introduced to an arena where selfishness and amorality are the norm. Not unlike our modern world!
Carolyn Hull

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