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May 01 2014

I have a dog (an inconvenient dog) by Charlotte Lance

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Allen and Unwin, 2014. ISBN 9781743317815.
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Dogs, Pets, Relationships. A charming picture book which focusses on the good and bad behaviour of the pet dog in the house exposes not only the convenience and inconvenience of the dog but also the relationship between the boy and his dog. In so doing the author creates a platform where the reader is able to look at the difference between the two words, convenient and inconvenient, applying them readily to the boy and his dog. Children will see that the breadth of the story widens as the underlying humour is taken in and understood.
The boy finds that his dog's behaviour is inconvenient when he wakes up, and the illustration shows the dog pulling the blankets from the bed: or at breakfast, and here the illustration shows the aftermath of trying to have breakfast with a dog at hand, or wanting to play. The list of things is endless and readers will laugh with glee as the illustrations encourage them to imagine the mayhem caused by the dog. But sometimes his dog's behaviour is convenient. When for example, the boy breaks something and can blame it on the dog, or watches something sad on TV, or his dinner is disgusting, then the dog is very handy.
Whether read out loud or individually this book will cause gales of laughter from the audience, recognising situations they have seen or know about, looking closely at the humorous illustrations to laugh further, with the fun continued on the endpapers.
Fran Knight

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