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Apr 29 2014

Billy is a dragon: First bite by Nick Falk and Tony Flowers

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Random House Australia Children's Books, 2014. ISBN 9780857983053.
This is the first book in the Billy is a dragon series. Poor Billy, for his birthday he has been invited to the local pet shop to look for a new pet. Things go horribly wrong when the shop owner insists on showing Billy a red lizard, one he calls a DragOn lizard. Billy feels compelled to reach out and touch the lizard which promptly latches onto his finger with its very sharp teeth. He screams so loudly that his mother rushes him back home.
The next day at school Billy's finger is red and swollen and Billy begins to feel a little strange. His body is changing slowly but surely into that of a . . . Dragon. He manages to keep out of everyone's sight, all that is except for Jeanie, his best friend. Billy is quite scared but Jeanie is very impressed.
Billy soon comes to really like being a Dragon, especially when he finds that he can fly. However, Billy also wants to be able to go home. Unfortunately for Billy, his mother and sister are traumatized and his father decides to catch the 'unusual lizard' and take it to the Zoo. Luckily Billy escapes. A return visit to the pet shop gives Billy the information that he needs to turn back into a regular boy . . . or is he? Check out the next book in the series: Billy is a Dragon Werewolves Beware!
This is a delightful book for younger readers. The story is fast moving and easy to read. There are wonderful illustrations on every page and Word Art makes it very attractive for reluctant readers.
Lynne Poole

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