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Feb 10 2009

Purple snow by Eric Lobbecke

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Random House Australia, 2008. ISBN 9781741662450.
(Age 3+) On a fabulous trip, Cockatoo travels to the North Pole to see white snow at Polar Bear's home. He meets seals, penguins and a walrus, but finds that there is not as much snow as he imagines because pollution has warmed everything. The animals really need snow to make them feel better and the only solution for Cockatoo is to offer them purple snow. Everyone laughs at the idea of snow being a purple colour but Polar Bear decides to travel to Australia to see it.

Children will love Lobbecke's zany illustrations of the animals. Cockatoo, wrapped up in a long scarf and wearing enormous boots is especially appealing and the inquisitive penguins going through his suitcases will produce some giggles. Thought provoking contrasts between the freezing Cockatoo at the North Pole and the sweltering Polar Bear in Australia are drawn well.

Children will have fun guessing what the purple snow is, and observant readers will see where Cockatoo took Polar Bear to see it. With its themes of environment, weather and friendship, this will be a unique and beautiful book for the library.
Pat Pledger

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