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Apr 12 2014

Black Warrior by Tiffiny Hall

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Harper Collins Australia, 2014. ISBN 9780732294557.
Black Warrior completes the series starring Roxy Ran following on from White Ninja and Red Samurai and is probably best read with at least some knowledge of the content of these books. As with the rest of the series the focus is on developing confidence and self belief with a strong emphasis on taekwando, for which the author has a black belt and writes about with some authority.
Roxy and sister Electra are learning to live together after Electra emerged as a samurai, sworn enemies of the Ninja clan. Cinnamon, Roxy's best friend is training and losing weight and planning Roxy's fourteenth birthday party, Jackson is still as gorgeous as ever, Hero the bully is being bullied and the school is still divided into Gate One and Gate Two students.
Trouble begins with a fire and crater at the front of the school. There is unrest in Lanternwood, caused by the disappearance of many citizens and a tiger dragon with blazing blue eyes threatens Roxy. Determined, to find out the truth about her real father, Roxy and her mother continually clash but when Cinnamon disappears during Roxy's party she is desperate to find her. But when she Cinnamon returns she is far from the friend of old.
Many truths about the characters are revealed as the Ninja and Samurai clans are forced to join forces to save Lanternwood and Roxy comes face to face with her real father who is bent on revenge. In an exciting climax Roxy needs to face her fears without her Ninja powers to rely on.
As the final in the series many of the issues raised in previous books are rounded out. Hero, often referred to as a mummy's boy, is revealed as being the sole carer for his mother, who is suffering from advancing dementia. Roxy's mum finally agrees to marry Art, and Jackson talks about his brother Morgan who has Leukemia. And finally the symbols of difference and discrimination, Gate One and Gate Two are destroyed.
Sue Keane

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