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Mar 21 2014

12 by James Phelen

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The Last Thirteen Book 2. Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781742831855.
When we last saw Sam he was mano-a-mano with Solaris. Both Solaris and the Enterprise, you will remember, are battling the Agency for world domination - or worse. In Chapter one, Solaris turns out to be an Enterprise Agent in disguise, leaving Sam to continue his search for the Last Thirteen dreamers. In a parallel story arc, Alex has been captured and is being groomed to work for the Enterprise. The Star of Egypt, prompts Xavier to fly Sam to Egypt for more answers before Sam's dreams find him socializing with an Italian pop star in Rome - No 12. Together Gabriella and Sam escape Solaris only to end Book 2 on another cliffhanger.
12 - The Last Thirteen is a fast read for tweens, teens, boys and reluctant readers who will always choose action and dialogue to escape the realities and restrictions of adolescence.
Deborah Robins
Editor's note: 11 (ISBN 9781742831862) and 10 (ISBN 9781742831879 ) have also been published.

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