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Jan 09 2009

High crime in Milk Bay by Moya Simons

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Walker Books, 2008 ISBN 978 1 921150 60 1
(Ages 10+) The second in the series, The Walk Right In Detective Agency, has David and Bernice intrigued by the new family which has moved in across the road form David's house. It seems a little bizarre that David saw a child when the family moved in, but on enquiring at the house, was told no child existed. His antenna works overtime.
In the meantime, Bernice and David have been asked to find Mr Butterworth's missing goats, find out who has been pinching the flowers in the municipal gardens, and try and work out who gave Cherry a note asking her to the dance. All makes very funny reading, and when most crimes seem to dissolve into each other, the detectives easily solve the case.
Upper primary readers will enjoy the thrill of the chase, and see the clues left by the author for the reader to arrive at the conclusion along with David and Bernice, although sometimes, they will beat David and Bernice to the end. A solid, funny and well written series, the distinctive covers will make the set easily recognizable. Fran Knight

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