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Sep 23 2013

The Wishbird by Gabrielle Wang

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Puffin, 2013. ISBN 9780143307525.
Highly Recommended. The Wishbird transports its readers to a land of fantasy where Oriole, she of the singing tongue, must leave her forest home and journey to Soulless, a city bereft of music and hope, in an attempt to save Mellow, her beloved Wishbird.
Set in the mythical past of ancient China, Oriole is suddenly thrust into a city where music has been banned and where intrigue and betrayal rules. Its tyrannical king, the only one who can save the Wishbird, is dying, and the Chief Minister who rules in his stead, is hungry for power and won't let anyone interfere with his plans.
However, Oriole isn't alone. Boy, a street urchin who survives by stealing, is also on a quest. He is desperate to find his parents who vanished in the song stealer's cart. Suddenly Boy is Oriole's only hope as they try to survive the evil machinations of the Chief Minister and of Panther while an invading force at the city's walls threatens to destroy them all.
This is a delightful tale, one full of whimsical illustrations, valiant deeds and heroism. The tale's conclusion is all that this reader could have hoped for. Highly recommended.
R. Lange

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