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Sep 20 2013

Hatched : celebrating twenty years of the Tim Winton Award for Young Writers

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Foreword by Tim Winton. Fremantle Press, 2013. ISBN 9781922089458.
Recommended. Short stories. Twenty two short stories by young West Australian writers are presented in this book published by Fremantle Press. Each of the stories was a winner in the award between 1993 and 2012, and so represent a wide range of styles, but each showcasing considerable talent.
Winton's introduction tells us that 'storytelling is a deep human impulse' and goes on to outline the ideas of the award which bears his name.
The twenty two stories cover an incredible range of stories, from those set in schools, to many about family life, some about friendships and one or two taking a dystopian line. Each story gives the reader something to ponder, to think about, if only to have a thought about the youthfulness of the writer, as each presents a wonderful talent.
I kept thinking how to use these in the classroom, as read alouds, as stories to get students thinking, as entertainment, and as models for their own writing. However these stories are used, they will be most successful.
Fran Knight

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