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Sep 19 2013

Fiction themes K-7 Book 2 by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2013. ISBN 9781876678364.104p
(Teacher reference. Covers all primary years). Highly recommended. This is a teacher-librarian's dream come true. At one's fingertips, are all the books required to support and balance the current curriculum. As the authors state, 'Each section is divided into three parts: Picture books, Middle primary and Upper primary. Some of the picture books will be suitable for older children. As children have different abilities and interests, you may find that many of the titles in the picture book, middle primary and upper primary sections will be useful for different age groups' (Introduction).
Having used the Sustainability section, it is extensive, with detailed descriptions of each book and covers current titles. It's an amazingly flexible list with well-known authors such as Sally Morgan and Narelle Oliver still in print. It's a joy to find such a rich and extensive list of books currently in print. It's a companion volume to Fiction Themes R-7 and 'contains titles not found in that book but published since early 2010'(Introduction). The Contents cover topics such as, Aboriginal peoples, Animals in war, Books for boys, for Girls, Detectives, History-Australia-World, Literature circles, Read aloud, Real life issues, Refugees and Mathematics. What more could we ask for!
We are privileged to have such a wealth of valuable and diverse information at our fingertips.
Sue Nosworthy

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