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Nov 25 2008

The trouble with dogs by Bob Graham

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Walker 2007.
(Ages 3-7) A must for all dog lovers or for those who would like to own a dog, Bob Graham's sequel to Let's Get a Pup! is full of warmth and quiet humour. 'The trouble with dogs,' said Dad 'is that they take over your life.' With two dogs in the house Dad should know, especially as one of the dogs, Dave, is small and wild and exuberant. After many misadventures the family decides that Dave needs some training so they bring in the Pup Breakers. The Brigadier, a man with a loud voice and a choker chain, comes to help, but the family isn't sure that he has the answers.

The illustrations are gorgeous. With vibrant watercolour pictures, Bob Graham has brought the little family and its two dogs to life. Each person and animal is so well drawn that readers will feel that they know the characters. Mum has a tattoo and a nose ring; Dad lazes in a chair and little Rosie is very industrious. Rosie is so placid and little Dave is a dynamo of a dog that the reader can't help loving them both.

This is a warm hearted story that will resonate with dog owners and appeal to children because of the subtle messages that it sends about the joy of life and family love.
Pat Pledger

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