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Aug 23 2013

My dinosaur dad by Ruth Paul

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Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781775431749.
(Age: Preschool-5) Recommended. Just in time for Father's Day, comes a humorous book that celebrates all types of Dads, even if they are dinosaurs! The book goes through a series of pictures of dinosaurs, with funny text to go with them. The text with words like 'This Dad is spiky. This Dad is prickly' could lead to the young readers and listeners having a lot of fun coming up with times when their dads are prickly, or snore or roar or go swimming or go sliding. The text ends with a lovely note: 'This dad is gentle, this dad is kind. This dad's the best.'
The pictures are delightful. Each page has a dinosaur dad shown in a very loving light with its offspring nearby. The dinosaurs all look rather like soft toys, coloured in vibrant colours and all have very cute faces.
It is a companion book to Stomp, which was a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards, 2012.
Pat Pledger

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