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Aug 16 2013

Mucked up by Danny Katz

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Allen & Unwin 2013. ISBN 9781742379258.
Tom is trying to survive Muck Up Day at his school when the Year 12s return to create havoc in the school with toilet paper, super soakers filled with fish sauce, eggs and various other unpleasant things as well as a baby pig.
The story is written from Tom's point of view as a Year 9 student, it is also filled with cartoon style pictures and maps. This I think is one of the problems with the book. In design and layout it appears more suitable for a younger audience than the actual story suggests. Whilst some of the episodes are undoubtedly funny, especially the baby pig, others are less so, and the so called pranks of the Year 12s appear to be little more than mindless vandalism with little regard for the safety of students or care for facilities. The school staff also seem to be incapable of preventing what is happening and in the end are somewhat of a caricature that I found distinctly not funny.
I have trouble deciding where this book would fit in the library. The layout and humour suggests younger students whereas the content is more suited to middle school readers.
David Rayner

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