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Aug 08 2013

Nerdy ninjas vs the really, really unreal guys by Shogun Whamhower

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Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781742838823.
(Age: 7+) This is the third book in this series about 4 nerdy boys who get themselves into weird and wonderful situations. Jake, Veejay, Ben and Pongo are a group of self-professed ninjas who are also smart, using rocket powered wheelchairs, Galaxy-grade lubricated pogo sticks and other out-there experiments. When the boys discover Farmer Fetlock's cows are being wrapped in toilet paper, aliens are deemed the culprit, and the boys start a mission to catch the bandits in the act. Will the nerdy ninjas catch the cow-wrappers? Who is really to blame? And who is this mysterious new student?
Shogun Whamhower's series is aimed at boys from 7 years old. The humour and content is aimed at this age group, and while not appealing to me, the target audience clearly love this style of writing. The short chapters make it appealing for readers developing their confidence, and the pictures and highlighted text easily point out emphasis and important plot points. An easy read that young boys will love.
Jemma Lorenz

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