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Aug 06 2013

Between the pages by Joan van Loon and Chantal Stewart

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New Frontier, 2013. ISBN9781921928444.
(Age: 3-6) Picture book. Books and reading. Read aloud. Billy and Jack are two very brave boys who creep into the rainforest, where they encounter lots of amazing adventures. A blind bat swoops down on them and drops them into a python's nest. They slide down the tree and come face to face with a tree dragon, meet an angry emu, pass crocodiles in the river and are flung over a waterfall. Each danger is overcome by Billy screaming 'Turn the page. Turn the page!' and off the two go on another adventure.
The illustrations complement the words and readers and children listening to the story will be left with hearts beating wildly as they are swept taken along on the amazing adventures. The two little boys with their blond hair and striped pyjamas are heroes that are sure to appeal to young children and the story begs to be read aloud in a very dramatic voice.
Astute teachers will have fun reminding children that they too can discover wonderful adventures through the pages of a book.
Pat Pledger

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