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Aug 01 2013

The Silver Brumby Kingdom by Elyne Mitchell

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HarperCollins Publishers, 2013. ISBN 9780732297695.
Recommended. Australian novel. After reading The Silver Brumby Kingdom I think the appropriate audience would be teenage girls. The book is a very poetic and emotional novel about horses and how they live in the world. In this novel there are five different books - although they all come back to the original story that started the series. After reading it you feel as if you know what the brumbies feel and see - right now. If you have experience with horses you can relate to this book and learn more about them.
This novel feels as if it could flow on forever. It is very carefully written and creatively portrayed. There are a couple of pages that make you feel on the verge of tears. The story seemed to almost make a map in your mind. It had three different sections of countryside. The author has managed to do this by looking at real maps and creating the plot around that same land.
This book reminds me of another author called Jackie French, who bases her books on true facts and history that she has researched. The author who wrote this book - Elyne Mitchell - is very descriptive. The story is a little slow in places, but overall it is an amazing, eye-opening novel about horses and their way of seeing things.
Amelia Skewes (Student)

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