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Nov 13 2008

The sweet life by Rebecca Lim

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Allen and Unwin
(Girlfriend Fiction 7) ISBN 9781741755312
When I was given the book to read, I thought that it would just be like all the other books aimed at teenage girls, but as soon as I started to read the novel, it had a really intense story line about a girl growing up, drastic changes and tragedies she had to face and learning to trust people. Right from the beginning, although I started with a negative approach, it had me intrigued and I really had no idea where the story line was going, it kept me guessing and I honestly couldn't put it down. It was intense and the way that the book was written, it really gave you details in a way that gave you the ability to really feel as though you were there, feeling the intensity of her situations.
The story line was really in depth and because of my age was one I could really relate to, especially when she was out travelling the world alone.
Bec White, student

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