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Jul 22 2013

Toocool Series 5 by Phil Kettle

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Ford Street, 2013.
The Big Bash ISBN 9781921665783 (pbk.)
Pirates ISBN 9781921665790 (pbk.)
The Interview ISBN 9781921665806 (pbk.)
Round 'Em Up ISBN 9781921665769 (pbk.)
The Race ISBN 9781921665776 (pbk.)
Box Set ISBN 9781921665882.
Toocool, the great self-appointed expert of all he tries, continues on with his many and varied interests. This series includes his experiences in the country whilst jackarooing for his uncle and engaging his neighbour Wong's expertise to build a jet ski which he then uses to race Marcy, Bella and Spike. Later, Wong again helps him to build a pirate ship which is to be superior to Marcy and Bella's craft. He also tries to win the Big Bash Cricket Challenge and, in the final book, is interviewed by Miss Stickybeak. Each book continues with Toocool being allowed to display his super-abilities in whatever he does in his own confident manner.
Not having read any of this series previously, I quickly warmed to Kettle's sense of humour. Despite my initial irritation with this cocky young lad, I was soon able to appreciate the fact that Toocool was always a winner in his own eyes, whether or not that matched the opinions of those against whom he was competing. Each book follows the same formula and, at the end, contains a factual section of information or tips, a glossary and some jokes. The Toocool series is never on the shelf in my library and genuinely fills a niche for both male and female emergent readers, thanks to the inclusion of his friends Marcy and Bella. Each containing only about 50 pages and many illustrations, these are books which hold much appeal for the younger children.
Jo Schenkel

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