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Nov 12 2008

My candlelight novel by Joanne Horniman

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Allen and Unwin, 2008.
(Age 15-18) This novel is written as a companion to Secret Scribbled Notebooks and gives an insight into the life of a teenage single mother and the challenges that face her in her quest for a life of her own.

Sophie lives in a boarding house with her sister Kate and Lil, the woman who took them in when their mother and father could no longer cope. She has an almost one year old daughter Hetty. When Kate heads to university Sophie decides to continue her education and because she has a love of books enrols in a literature course at a local university. The novel explores the people Sophie meets and the experiences she has as she ventures back into the wider world having been sheltered from it whilst caring for Hetty.

The novel is written in two parts and although not equal in length help the reader to explore in greater depth Sophie's life and experiences.
Tracy Glover

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