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Jul 19 2013

Seadog by Claire Saxby & Tom Jellet

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Random House Australia Children's, 2013. ISBN: 9781742756509 Hardback RRP $19.95. 32 pages
(Age: Junior) With impeccable timing this delightful picture book arrived in my review parcel just as Small and I were impatiently awaiting the arrival of one small black toy poodle (anything better than being with Gran? Yes, being with Gran AND a lively little pup!). We pounced on it for our bedtime read and watching the joyful expressions on a Small face was proof enough of the rollicking and engaging text and illustrations.
The energy of Seadog was well matched with the energy of the writing and the gorgeous illustrations. The Dylan Thomas-esque descriptions of Seadog being a - jump-and-chase-the waves-dog or indeed a run-and-scatter-gulls dog rang very true for one small pup who will live by the sea and is endlessly fascinated and stimulated by all the activity around him - perhaps the more so because Small also loves these things!
While Gran is thoroughly satisfied by details such as endpapers echoing marine flags, Small is enchanted by the rhyme and rhythm and the almost naughtiness of Seadog. This one was such an instant favourite that it went home with Small at the end of the sleepover weekend and has now been re-read many times by Mummy.
Spot on and a must for any Junior Fiction collection.
Sue Warren

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