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Jul 11 2013

Gamer's rebellion by George Ivanoff

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Ford St., 2013. ISBN 978 1 921665 4.
(Age: 12+) Science fiction. With much awarded Michael Pryor saying 'this is the best computer game you will ever play. You play it by reading it', means this is a must read sci fi series.
Zyra and Tark are teenage thieves in a world created by the Designers. Everyone in this world struggles and fights to gain enough money to get a 'key', allowing them to escape their reality briefly and become avatars in Designer's Paradise. In their quest they encounter other characters and must figure out if they are to be trusted or defeated. Upon reaching Paradise however, Zyra and Tark discover something is wrong, and that their Suburban avatar existence is flawed. Eventually they are faced with the thought that their world may not be all it seems. (Donella Reaid, first book in the series, Gamer's quest, 2009)
But there has been a sequel, Gamer's challenge, and now Gamer's rebellion, following the activities of the pair, Tark and Zyra.
Now they have found their way out of the game and into the real world, nothing is what they expected it to be, and they must take the fight to the authorities all over again, but not only in the real world, but the gamer world as well.
I love the sci fi background of this book, and this the third in the series emulates the first two with fast paced action and twists to keep people enthralled. The story of the two main characters, kept me reading as they swayed from reality to the game and back again, still not knowing quite where they are or who to trust.
Fran Knight

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