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Jul 10 2013

What's wrong with the wobbegong? by Phillip Gwynne and Gregory Rogers

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Little Hare, 2013. ISBN 9781921714962. Hbk RRP $A24.95.
Crab is worried. Wobbegong has his towel, his music on his retro radio and his sunscreen and looks set for a day on the beach sunbaking, but he has no picnic basket or esky or any sort of food. 'What's wrong with the wobbegong? He doesn't eat a thing' says the crab to the stingray. And so begins a quirky cumulative tale as the various marine creatures become more and more concerned about the wobbegong, until  . . .
A wobbegong in budgie smugglers, an ice cream loving crab, a clam in boardies, a humpback in a floral dress and a seabird selling beach treats make up the cast of this endearing story and accompanied by the unmistakeable illustrations of Gregory Rogers - one of the last books he did before he died - it is just delightful. The ending is delicious!!!
This is a story that works on all levels - the rhythm of the language will engage the little ones, while older students will appreciate the humour. Miss 7 will love to share this one with her school friends when she donates it to her school library.
Barbara Braxton

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