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Jul 08 2013

10 hooting owls by Ed Allen

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Ill. by Simon Williams. Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781 74283 698 0.
10 silly wombats by Ed Allen,
Il. by Simon Williams. Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781 74283 638 6.
(Age: 4+) Picture book. Verse. Numbers. Humour. You feel like singing along with both these books, modelled on 10 green bottles, as the owls and wombats are counted from ten to one, with lots  of silly things happening along the way to keep the readers amused and engaged.
10 hooting owls are reduced as one eats a smoothie while watching a movie, another gets chicken pox while knitting winter socks, one goes down the wrong trail while delivering the mail, and so on until only one is left. The humour is infectious and I am sure the person reading the book to a younger audience will be able to get them to sing along as well. The strongly coloured illustrations too will intrigue the readers as they ponder just where the owls might be in some of the pages.
10 silly wombats are reduced in the same way with each wombat doing something silly. One makes a fuss getting on the bus, another has too much fun eating his bun, while another forgets to peek while playing hide and seek, counting down until only one wombat is left.
For teachers and parents introducing the idea of counting one to ten and back again then these little books will be useful. And the emphasis on Australian themes and animals is good to see.
Fran Knight

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